How many dogs do you take into training at one time?

We limit the number of dogs to 4 dogs per trainer. This ensures that your dog receives the necessary personal attention.

Are owners allowed to visit during the Board & Train program?

Owner visits are not part of the Board & Train program as it disrupts the consistency of training and tends to be counterproductive.

Will there be updates during the Board & Train?

Yes, we send weekly report cards on Fridays by 10 PM with a progress report and at least one video. Updates and videos are progress dependent and we need time to work with your dog  in order to show that progress. Therefore, if you drop off Wed-Fri you will receive a report card the following Fri. We will always reach out immediately if there are any issues/concerns 

Does the program start on a specific day?

The program can start any day of the week. We coordinate the program dates with your schedule/preference.

What is the rough daily schedule of a Board & Train program?

The morning walk starts around 7am. Then from 8-11am we bring all the dogs out for the morning training session to work on impulse control. From 11am-1pm the dogs get a rest period in the crate as training requires a lot of mental exertion. The afternoon walk starts around 1pm. We then bring the dogs back out for another long training session until 7pm. There is another rest period in the crate before the evening walk around 9pm. Once your dog is ready we take them on field trips to places like the park and Home Depot to proof the training under distraction.  The dogs are crated between training sessions, walks and overnight.

What do I need to bring with my dog for the stay?

We just need food and any meds to cover the stay. We will provide everything else.

What day do I pick up my dog from the Board & Train?

The program is about achieving reliable behaviors not time. Our goal is a happy, confident, reliable dog so we don’t rush or pressure dogs through the program. Occasionally dogs stay longer than the 3 weeks at no additional charge. We will schedule the specific go home date and lesson about a week in advance.

What does the pick up process from the Board & Train entail?

The day you pick your dog up from the program we will do a 1 ½-2 hour lesson with you before taking your dog home. This lesson will cover what your dog has learned during the program and how to reinforce it.

Who should attend the pick up from the Board & Train and the lesson?

The go home lesson from the Board & Train program is very important in transitioning training from us to the owners. Educating the owner is critical to the success of the program. It will also require a lot of focus from both the owners and the dog. Only the adult owners who live with the dog should attend the initial pick up lesson.

What should I do when I come in for the pick up lesson?

You and your trainer will go straight into working with your dog. When you come in your dog will be on Climb and will stay on Climb until we go into specific training exercises. We ask that you set your dog up for success by not trying to pet and interact with your dog when you first see them. This will help with transitioning the training to you so the dog understands that all the training concepts also apply to the owner.

Do you offer boarding services?

We offer boarding services to clients who have completed a training program with us. Training Clients can self schedule  boarding services through your client portal.

When do I schedule my follow up lessons/group classes after the Board & Train program?

We recommend scheduling a follow up private lesson 1-3 weeks after your dog goes home. The remaining follow up training can be scheduled at your volition or at the recommendation of your trainer.

How do I schedule my follow up lessons and group classes?

To schedule/reschedule follow up private lessons and/or reserve a spot in group class email