Our trainers are committed to teaching dog owners how to communicate with their dogs.  Our dog trainers have spent years molding and perfecting a technique that relies on positive reinforcement to increase comprehension.  Shoot us an email or give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you and your dog.

Downtown Dogs Chicago

has spent years perfecting our dog training system. The Dog Trainer sets up a communication system with your dog through markers. The learning phase is positive reinforcement. As the dog become fluent in the communication system, The Dog Trainer then introduces other quadrants of learning for the dog to be able to work through distraction and learn to control his/her impulses. The product is a happy eager and obedient dog!  Take a tour of our state of the art facility located in the heart of Chicago’s West Town Area, with our Google 360º tour.  Not able to come to us?  Don’t worry, we will come to you.  Please contact us for more information on in home lessons.

Chicago Dog Trainer



Ari has spent the better part of the past 25 years training and studying from the greatest dog trainers in the world.  His obsession began while attending the University of Kansas with a German Short Hair Pointer/Lab mix named Bo, and flourished from there.  Since then Ari has dedicated himself to formulating a system that allows him to successfully teach dogs and humans how to communicate.  

Ari has been an active member of NARA for the last 8 years. He is a current Board of Director, Judge, Competitor and former Level 1 Decoy. 



Zica is The 2014 French Ring I Grand Champion, The 2015 French Ring II Vice Champion and 2018 French Ring III Domestic Grand Champion. From the age of 7 weeks, Zica has been Ari’s star pupil and often helps in the training of other dogs.

Be on the look out for Ari’s new dog, Nugget, a rising star in NARA

Chicago Dog Trainer

Aliya Carey


Aliya has currently worked in the pet training field for 10 years and was certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA). The training facilities she has worked with specialize in pet obedience, intensive behavioral modification, and the fostering/training of rescue dogs. This experience has given her the knowledge of how to implement effective training solutions through a proven communication method. She takes a balanced approach to training with a focus on positive reinforcement that results in freedom for owners and their pet. Aliya values teaching people and their pets the skills that create an enjoyable and healthy relationship. Aliya competes with her dogs Mischa and Ecko in AKC Obedience and CPE Agility. You can also find her dogs manipulating clients into giving them treats by fetching them drinks and performing tricks as the mascots of Downtown Dogs Chicago.



Pete DiStaulo

“After doing my research I decided to bring my dog Leo to Downtown Dogs and I could not be happier with the results. Ari is a true professional as well as an extremely skilled dog trainer and I cannot recommend him more enthusiastically. I now have a well behaved dog that follows commands and understands boundaries. Over the course of the first year that I adopted Leo I had grown increasingly frustrated with a list of his undesirable behaviors and my inability to correct them. His leash manners were awful. He’d constantly pull on the leash and jump up on people passing by. If I had guests over he’d overwhelm them by jumping up on them from the minute they came through the door until I’d have to put him in his crate. He’d beg to go outside and have me throw the tennis ball which would ultimately turn into me chasing him around to try to get it back. It was disappointing that no matter how hard to tried to correct these issues they seemed to get worse. I decided that I needed some help. I researched dog trainers in the Chicagoland area, made a few visits and decided on Downtown Dogs. The facilities were clean and spacious and Ari’s professionalism and confidence put me at ease. Over the 2 weeks that Leo was with Ari I received video links to YouTube videos of my little buddy, tail wagging, learning his new commands and was in touch with Ari frequently. When I arrived to pick him up I walked in and could not believe my eyes. He was in his “climb” command on the bed just waiting to be released. He stayed right there while Ari explained to me in detail the process of how he got Leo to this point. Over the next hour Ari walked me through all of the commands(climb, free, heel, out etc)and showed me how to reinforce the training on my own. Basically this was Ari training me. Over the next few weeks I had lots of questions and Ari was happy to help me through everything. You can tell this is a guy who is passionate about his job and loves his work. It’s been over a month since I picked Leo up and I can honestly say I’m thrilled with the results. I have an obedient, happy dog who walks like gentleman on the leash, listens attentively and is constantly complimented on his good behavior. Ari’s training has improved the quality of Leo’s life. I can bring him wherever I go, have guests over without any issues and most importantly take him to the park to wear him out with his favorite game of fetch. Big thank you to Ari and Downtown Dogs.”

Krystle Reavy

“Ari is the best!! I have a 7 month old German Shepard who was basically out of her mind-Crazyyyy!! To name a few problems- aggression on a leash toward other dogs, pulling me as if I was the dog, counter surfing, and not listening to a thing I had to say (just to name a few) She attended the two week training with Ari, and came home a much better dog! All of the problems listed above- GONE! I went from feeling frustration with her to enjoying every minute we spend together! I cannot thank Ari enough- he changed my life with my dog & I couldn’t be more grateful! Not only did he train my dog, but he took the time to train me on how to train my dog!! Thank you soooo much Downtown Dogs!!”

Matt Helper

“We took our 2 year old boxer to Ari for boot camp when we went on spring break. Kirby was/is a good dog, but needed work with control on and off leash and when people would come over. Ari is an excellent communicator on how he will train your dog and sets expectations perfectly. Kirby is a very well trained dog. He is excellent listening to our family including our 7, 9 and 11 year old kids. A couple months after the boot camp, we called Ari as Kirby was not healing well anymore. Ari came out and spent an hour with us to retrain us. Kirby still knew the commands, but we needed the brush up. A well trained dog makes for a happy family.”

Ginny Fleiss

“In a matter of days, Ari had our two very high spirited, young English Springer Spaniels acting like civilized dogs. We were out of town during the training but Ari was able to send me YouTube videos of the dogs’ progress and, initially, I was pretty sure he was using robotics — those two Springers walking on a loose leash, dropping down and staying there, not jumping on people, etc. — could not possibly have been our wildmen. But they were!!! And there was no dampening of their happy personalities as could happen with some trainers. We were very pleased not only with the result but with Ari’s professionalism and businesslike approach. He would always immediately answer our calls or, at worst, return our calls or emails in a matter of minutes. We highly recommend Ari.”

Melissa Yun

Our dog was having behavior issues – specifically with guarding. We searched high and low for someone we felt we could trust to help us and our dog, and talked to several trainers before choosing Downtown Dogs. Ari was upfront, practical and very patient with us. The best thing was that he was so good with our dog! It was very clear that Zeus loved him when we went to pick him up after his board and train. Ari was and has remained accessible even a year later. We followed the training instructions with Zeus and we enjoy him so much more! The other great thing is that he has great recall now and we love being able to have him outside enjoying our big yard (there are no fences where we live). We love watching him run full speed and playing with him outside. He also drops the things he would have aggressively guarded once upon a time. We love him and enjoy him so much! We are so grateful to Ari and Downtown Dogs and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. Ari is truly fantastic with dogs (and stressed owners)! Hands down, he’s the best.

Amber Kazansky

I brought my golden retriever puppy to Downtown Dogs for a three week board and train and what a huge difference it has made! Ari did such a fantastic job training both my dog River and me. The biggest difference is that now River pays attention and listens to commands. We were having problems with leash pulling on walks and jumping up on counters, beds, and furniture but have all of that under control now after his stay at Downtown Dogs. The e-collar that he was given is an easy way to correct anything River is doing wrong and incredibly effective. I have also boarded River here while on vacation and definitely will continue to do so. Ari has a gift with training dogs, he pays attention to your needs, I know my dog is always in good hands while there, and I highly recommend Downtown Dogs!

Emily Phair

Ari and his team at Downtown Dogs have been a game changer in my life. I called Ari in a panic because I have a feisty, stubborn 3 year old hound/lab that was beginning to get aggressive with strangers. I hit my breaking point! The first thing Ari did was invite me to the facility to meet Raven – I was impressed right away. His ability to diagnose ME was frustrating, but spot-on and super helpful. He doesn’t just train dogs, he explains the human behavior associated with the issues, and helps address both sides. He also introduced a few tools (leashes and collars, beds, etc) that never occurred to me and are crucial to my dog’s new (good) behavior. My favorite thing about Ari is his constant communication. He calls to check in, sends pictures when he’s training, suggests new ideas, etc. I’m SO satisfied with what Raven and I have learned so far and I highly recommend Downtown Dogs! Plus, the dogs love him!:)

Carol K

Hands down Ari is the best trainer I have ever encountered! He has incredible passion and knowledge and his training methods are reliable and most of all they really work!! Our dog, Krash developed issues with encountering other dogs to the point I didn’t even want to walk him or take him to the dog park anymore. I had him stay with Ari at Downtown Dogs Chicago for several weeks. The change in Krash was apparent immediately and Ari gave us tools and skills we never would have thought of. People come over and can’t believe how well behaved he is and walks are now enjoyable again. Ari is amazingly responsive to calls, texts & emails and he truly cares about you having a well trained dog. His facility is impressive and very clean. Ari taught us so much about our dog and how to interact with him. Even if your dog just needs some follow up training or to advance what he/she knows this is the right trainer. We were so happy that we signed up for group class with Krash and we continue to learn and most of all Krash LOVES it! Highly recommend Downtown Dogs Chicago.

Lauren Zadina

Ari and his team at Downtown Dogs are a godsend. I have grown up with dogs all my life, and used quite a few trainers around the Chicagoland. While effective, I never felt that the training/boarding/etc was a strong positive experience for my dogs until Ari. I came to meet Ari when I adopted my dog Murphy. Murphy is an Irish Wolfhound Mix, so a big dog with lots of energy and a strong personality. Murphy had actually been given up by three separate families before I adopted him from Ari and his team. It is shocking to think that other families would have passed on this dog, after the remarkable transformation he made under Ari’s care. Murphy is beyond the best dog I have ever had – zero behavioral issues, and we rarely leave the house with a leash because his heel command and other manners are so impeccable. Ari worked with Murphy on an e-collar, which I had never used in the past. While hesitant at first, I will never train a dog without one moving forward, as it is the most humane and effective correction I have ever worked with. I can take Murphy through a crowded park, or a busy street in the city, and I have full confidence that I can keep Murphy inline should a distraction present itself without jerking a leash, raising my voice, or acting in any way that attracts attention from other people.

Ari continues to be my go-to mentor for all things dog. Recently, Murphy was caught in a pretty bad dog attack at a daycare facility resulting in multiple bite wounds which required surgery to be repaired. Ari was immediately accessible helping me to make sure I received the best care for Murphy though out this ordeal. Due to work travels, Ari even cared for Murphy at his facility while Murphy was still on bed rest with wound drains, stitches, a giant cone head, and daily medication. Even though I hated having to leave him, it was such a blessing to know that Murphy would be cared for and treated with the utmost attention at Ari’s facility.

I will never adopt another dog without Ari’s guidance and review. All of my dogs will have the benefit of Ari as a trainer and second home when I travel. I cannot speak more highly of his knowledge and skill in the dog world. It is miraculous to see how effective his training can be, and the absolute adoration my Murphy has for him and his team.

Ari, thank you for all that you do for Murphy and I! We feel so blessed to have you in our life!